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Mombasa is a tropical paradise of palm-fringed white sandy beaches, where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean meet beautiful coral reefs a perfect place to relax after a magical safari.
We are pleased to offer a selection of Safari options from Nairobi and Mombasa. All lodges used on safari have private en-suite facilities and most of them have & Short Safaris From Mombasa north Coast-Kenya Wildlife Safari Packages.

ACSME01 Mombasa 1/2 Day City Tour
The tour presents some of the best highlights of this colorful old city. You tour will visit the bustling fruit and vegetable market, which has been in operation since colonial days. As you wonder the streets of The Old Arab town, you will see the intricate hand carved doors, and balconies hanging over the narrow streets, unchanged for hundreds of years. Protecting the harbor stands Fort Jesus which was built by the Portuguese 400 years ago, to protect their interest in east Africa. See how it went from Fort to prison to tourist attraction. Walk under the famous elephant tusks on Moi Ave, which you probably have seen in those old African adventure movies. Finally we visit the Akumba wood carvers center. Here you can purchase a fine hand carved African memento, that you would have to pay so dearly for back home. A short excursion full of culture, history and not to be missed. For the photographer, sights and opportunities for great photos abound.

ACSME02 Mamba Village afternoon visit
Momba Village hosts Africa’s largest Crocodile Farm. You visit will coincide with feeding time at 5:00pm.This one is great for the kids, and even the kid that lives in all of us This trip will also include the beautiful botanical in this area. Nature in all here glory with the assistance of man presents breathtaking views. Great places to take pictures to send back home, or just to put on the mantle. Imagine having all that flora and fauna color for a background when your picture is taken.

ACSME03 Mombasa at Night & Dinner in the Castle
The enjoyment and romance begins when you are picked up from your hotel at 5:30pm. You will be taken to the the old port and escorted onto to an authentic Arab Dhow. As the sun sets, you set sail into the harbor and past Fort Jesus. The dark African night sky full of stars, the lapping of waves against the dhow, truly a romantic setting if ever there was one. Then as you glide past Fort Jesus you are treated to a sound and light show that is absolutely spectacular . After the show you will make your landing and venture into the Fort for supper. When supper is done and you have had your fill, the night life begins. Next comes a trip to a casino where you can gamble for a couple of hours, if you choose. The evening then concludes with a visit to the world famous BORA BORA club. At midnight native dancers put on a spectacular floor show. The costumes of the female dancers alone are worth seeing even if they don’t dance. After the show the music goes on until the early hours of the morning. You can dance all night long if you want to.

ACSME04 Tamarind Evening Dhow
Spend the evening aboard a traditional Arab Dhow. Music, Romance and fine food. As the dhow leisurely cruises in old Mombasa harbor past peaceful creeks flowing from the island you will dine on a Sumptuous Seafood meal. Later you can dance under the stars. The black African night, the stars as you have never seen them, music, and the sound of water against the dhow sets the mood for romance. As you cruise you can almost sense bygone time when life went at a much slower pace. Don’t miss this one, its the GEM in the crown of any Safari.

ACSME05 Ngomongo Cultural Tour
For centuries there existed a thriving culture and society in East Africa. This society was a mix of Arab and native peoples cultures. Then the white man came into this part of the world and put his mark on it. For several centuries his influence only went a short distance inland from the settlements along the coast. During the 19th century ( 1800″s) the white man came in force and pushed into the heart of Africa, and changed it forever. Ngomongo Cultural center is a look back in time in miniature of tribal life and community groundings. Here you are able to get a glimpse of the lifestyle and cultures that existed for centuries before ” civilization” came to Africa. Different traditional tribal huts are set up in this themed village, with peoples from the different tribes portraying their ancestors. Watch and even participate in different food preparation, its hard work, no labor saving devices here. You are in for a surprise when you sample the local brews. Enjoy, marvel or participate in the various tribal dances, nothing to stop you from having a great time. As a matter of fact they will encourage you to join in. but then as all good things, they all have to come to an end. Hope that you brought along your camera, for the photo opportunities are plentiful. The memories will last a lifetime.

ACSME06 Wasini Island & Kisite Sea Adventure
The day starts early as you head south towards Tanzania. On the drive south you pass through the lush Coconut and Cashew Plantations. Here we have Plantations that have thrived since the early days of settlement along the coast. As you drive by look at the coconut trees and you will see foot holds carved into the trunks. There are some trees as high as 60 feet or more. Imagine how many years these trees have been climbed for their bounty. Soon you will pass thru the colorful villages of the Digo Peoples. When you reach you destination of Shimoni you will board a motorized Lamu Dhow. Now the best part of the journey begins as you sail through an enchanting seascape of islands set in a pristine sea of unbelievable blue. Then you arrive at Kisite Marine park, that’s right an underwater park. It is here that underwater splendors await you. In the shallow warm water that surround Kisite Island the water abounds with marine life. Here you can snorkel and marvel at the incredible variety of marine life. Scuba Divers can explore a number of excellent dive sites in the coral reefs. Their is an astounding amount of and variety of marine life at all levels of the reefs. To top off the trip sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch is served at Wasini island restaurant After lunch when you have had your fill we visit a traditional Muslim village before retuning back to Mombasa in the late Afternoon. . Bring your snorkel and bathing suit, and underwater camera if you have one.

ACSME07 Shimba National Reserve
This one is a day trip. As you drive along you have the opportunity to take in the sights along the road. Arriving at Shimba Lodge at around noon, we take our lunch at the lodge. The afternoon is spent in the reserve on a game drive. As the day draws to a close you are returned to your hotel in Mombasa. A good deal for a road trip, lunch and a game drive.

ACSME08 Tsavo East National Park
Before sun even rises you are taken from your hotel for a drive along the Mombasa Nairobi highway. The highway follows very closely the rail line to Nairobi. There is a lot of history in this area, and you will just go flying by it for 140 Kilometers. Now how many miles is that, why not check this one out for yourself. Tsavo East National Park will be entered via the Bachuma Gate. This will start your game viewing, for wildlife is abundant in the park. Lunch will be at Voi Safari Lodge. After lunch you will return to your game viewing. Wildlife in the park include the “RED” Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Giraffes, zebras and many other plains animals. When you finish your game viewing in the afternoon you will be returned to your hotel in Mombasa in the early evening. For a quick view of African wildlife this is the one to go on. Plenty of photo opportunities, good food, and excellent guides. Well worth the time, when you don’t have much time

ACSME09 Nature Trail Park
This is an afternoon trip, headed just outside of the city. Here is an example of how a wasteland and Hamburi stone quarry has been reclaimed and made an attraction. An abundance of wildlife and birds resides in and amongst the Casuarina trees. Here you will see Eland, Buffalo, Crocodiles and many reptiles. Majestic crowned cranes inhabit the area, and add beauty and grace to the area. The end the afternoon trip you will visit the commercial aquaculture in the area. Now that should be something to see . There are lessons to be learned here.


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